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Soul Purpose Program

Soul Purpose Program

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We each have a unique purpose for being here. The degree to which we fulfil this lies in our awareness of the Self. As we travel through life we are given the opportunity to work through the obstacles of mind such as anger, fear and sadness and to break habits that no longer serve us.

To live from the soul is a choice to dig deep, honour your truth and act with integrity. It requires understanding the way the mind and body work.   The soul purpose process draws upon ancient yogic philosophy and techniques for raising consciousness and ultimately, Self realisation. 

This course will give you greater wisdom, awareness of the challenges you face, and your meaning in life. Leave with your personal dharma statement, a carefully crafted unique statement to align with your purpose and begin to dissolve the obstacles to Self-realisation.

Complete the Soul Purpose program with 21 hours of one-on-one guided support. Additional outside work is also required that will be tailored to your needs and schedule.

Please email, with your Soul Purpose Program in the subject line to apply. Include your name, a brief about you and your interest in the program plus include any questions you may have to get started.

Note: This Program is made available for purchase upon application acceptance and is offered in a limited number per year.

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