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Power Of the word Love PDF & Audio Meditation

Power Of the word Love PDF & Audio Meditation

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The Power of the Word LOVE is a way for clearing the mind's illusions and attachments that keep us stuck in the repeat mode of our story and relationship with the word Love.

Follow this 15-minute three-step process with a guided meditation to reveal and release the illusions or blocks held in your mind.

This PDF and guided audio meditation provide an explanation of how we have attached to thoughts and meanings that keep us caught in the illusions of the mind.

The Power of the Word is a way to use the mind, body, and brain to recognise and release the illusion and attachments held in our mind’s perception or point of view. It is a tool to free your mind from thoughts and beliefs about love that no longer serve you.

Available in a digital download pdf & meditation set to music (mp3) on purchase.

Art of being you. Use the power of the word, imagery and meaning to bring in the higher vibes to your life.

Art of Being You   Copyright 2023.

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