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Breathe...Feel Meditation

Breathe...Feel Meditation

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When you breathe and feel, you bring your mind into the present moment and begin to move through and dissolve the resistance in your mind and body.

This  25 minute Breathe and Feel guided audio meditation is set to music for learning to meditate using the breath and body relationship.

With Breathe and Feel, we bypass the blocks in the mind and tune into the flow of breath. Using the simple technique of breathing into the body, and feeling the body breathe we become the observer.

Through feeling, we can access our energy. It is this energy that causes the breath to move in and out of our body. As we feel, we integrate the energy part of who we are into our consciousness.

Focusing on the touch point between breath and body reveals the illusions and attachments of the mind.

This invites clarity and present-moment awareness.

This is a digital download product on purchase.

"The only real option to experience lasting peace and happiness is to pursue an exploration of who we are beyond the body and mind." - Kel

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