The Story of Art of Being YOU - Tuning into a higher vibe


My name is Kel Green.

As me, I am committed to looking within to know the true Self. That's the big Self, not the small, ego identified one, though I do love this part of me.

The Art of Being You was born from the many years I have spent creating and writing tools for Self awareness. 

Now, it seems that I had to just go a little further, to experience more of my life and gain a little more inner wisdom. Now feels the right time in the flow of things to launch this shop.

The Art of Being You offers products and services for the purpose of uplifting human consciousness on this planet.

I have found that inner awareness of our true Self lies at the core of living a fulfilled life.

It's time, to live a powerful, peaceful, and purposeful life. 

All the answers you seek are within. 

Elevate your life to the next level

- Kel Green



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